Highlights about AWARE labs

The mission of the AWARE LAB is to support projects related to: Autonomous systems, Warfare applications and Software Engineering-focused projects.

Some of the funding agencies supporting research conducted in the lab include -

Recruiting Students and PostDocs

We are recruiting students (undergraduate and graduate), PhD students and PostDocs for several positions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Lab Director: Daniel E. Krutz

I am an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Software Engineering and Center for Cybersecurity. I am the Director of the Autonomy, WARfare, and Engineering (AWARE) Lab, which supports several externally funded projects for the NSF, NSA and the DOD. My research interests include Self Adaptive Systems, Strategic Reasoning and Computing Education. Some of the courses I have taught include: Engineering of Secure Software, Web Engineering, Foundations of Software Engineering (Graduate), Research Methods (Graduate), and Capstone/Thesis projects (Graduate). In 2018 I received a research faculty fellowship at the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).